Why is the city doing this program now?

The City of Citrus Heights receives hundreds of requests each year for the installation of stop signs, speed humps, and other traffic control devices to reduce speeding in neighborhoods. The current Neighborhood Traffic Management Program (NTMP) requires investigation, analysis, and a determination of whether the request is the most effective solution. This process takes time and is not very transparent to the community. The initiation of the MMTSP is intended to update, improve, and streamline the process allowing the City to quickly respond to citizen requests and track the status of requests anywhere in the process. Further, the MMTSP will promote and provide tools for Citrus Heights residents to improve safety in their own neighborhoods. The community is invited to help develop the MMTSP so that they have input into the program, and better understand how it works.

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1. Why is the city doing this program now?
2. Who is paying for the MMTSP?
3. How can I get involved in the MMTSP?
4. What is the outcome of the MMTSP?
5. When will the Program development be complete?
6. What about requests that have already been made?
7. Does the city have money to install improvements?
8. Neighborhood Safety Toolbox