Interviews & Final Candidates

1st Round of Interviews

Human Resources will notify candidates selected for the first interview. Prepare for your interview by reviewing the job announcement and job description. Generally, Citrus Heights utilizes an oral board or interview panel in which each candidate can expect to be interviewed by 2 or more panelists. Also, the city uses behavior-based interviewing, which means that the candidate will be asked a number of questions relating to their knowledge, skills, abilities, and past experiences relating to their job. The city will be looking for past experiences and examples to illustrate your ability to perform the job. It is also helpful for candidates to become familiar with the city through its website and other publications, such as the annual budget, general plan, and city newsletters.

If You are Unable to Attend an Interview

In this case, contact Human Resources immediately. Since the city generally utilizes an interview panel, if you are unable to be interviewed on the date scheduled, you may be eliminated from the process. At times, a phone interview may be allowed in place of an in-person interview.

2nd Round Interviews

For most positions, a second interview may be required. Candidates who successfully complete the first interview may be invited to return for a second interview. Typically, the second interview is with the position's supervisor and/or management of the department in which the position is available.

Final Candidate(s)

The candidate(s) selected will be subject to a thorough background check before a job offer is finalized. In addition, all candidate(s) will be subject to fingerprinting background analysis and a DMV check if the position requires driving on city business. In addition, some positions may require a medical and/or psychological examination.

After you have been offered and have accepted a position with the city, be sure that you understand when you will begin, where and to whom you will report on the first day, and whether there are any other steps for you to take before starting work.