Human Resources Division

The primary mission of the Human Resources Division is to develop a staff and workforce philosophy that embodies the City Council's mission, vision, and core values in its daily decision making.

In partnership with the other city departments, Human Resources Division is responsible for recruiting, hiring, and retaining talented and qualified employees. It is also the division's responsibility to implement the City Council's compensation philosophy, both salary and benefits, to ensure access and compliance with various leave policies and other administrative policies and practices.

Citrus Heights as an Employer

As an employer, Citrus Heights strives to provide a working environment that is innovative and flexible.

The city recognizes dedication and hard work, but also encourages employees to retain a work / life balance. The city prides itself on cultivating a family-friendly environment. One example of this is the Alternative Work Schedule program. A majority of employees participate in various schedules which are considered a highly valued benefit by the organization.

With approximately 220 city employees, the city maintains a lean, efficient, and talented workforce to implement numerous programs and administer key contracts. City employees are hard-working and dedicated to providing a very high level of customer service, internally and externally.

Core Values

The City Council has approved the following core values. The city is looking for people that believe in the following core values:

  • Diversity - A commitment to engage, respect, and give equal treatment to all in our organization and community.
  • Innovation - Demonstrating a civic entrepreneurial spirit by generating new ideas and better ways of doing things and engaging in reasonable risk.
  • Integrity - Actions are based on honor to create ethical character and a positive reputation.
  • Teamwork - A process built upon common focus, flexibility, cooperation, communication, and the sharing of risk, responsibility and reward.
  • Respect - The obligation to treat all with civility by listening, comprehending, empathizing, and valuing opinions and perspectives.
  • Responsive Customer Service - Meeting needs in a timely, proactive, courteous, and responsive manner by delivering on promises and commitments beyond expectations.
  • Trust - Actions, information and communication are accurate, consistent, open and honest to maintain credibility.