MMTSP History

Developing the Program

Citrus Heights residents are an integral part of interactive data collection and feedback on projects with community impact. 

The Multi Modal Transportation Safety Program (MMTSP) has relied on active community participation to guide development decisions in creating the program since the fall of 2019. The City held in person meetings, workshops and webinars with question and answer segments to educate the community on the MMTSP and gather input during development. 

City Council adopted the MMTSP at the December 10, 2020 council meeting. The Adopted Program Guide can be viewed here.

Thank you for your participation!

MMTSP Webinar Questions and Responses

The videos and presentation materials provided here help further educate the community on use of the approved MMTSP, launched in summer 2021. 

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Workshop 2 PDF

Workshop 3 PDF

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