Carriage Drive & Lauppe Lane Safe Schools Corridor Plan


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An online survey about the proposed improvements was available through May 25, 2020.

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Thanks for Participating in Our Virtual Workshop on 5/12!

This workshop was held as a Zoom webinar on Tuesday May 12, 2020 at 5:30 PM.  Please see below to view a recording of the webinar.

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Design Alternatives (PDF Links):

Note: the following concepts are subject to change.

Concept Design #1

Concept Design Vision

Concept Design #1 & Vision Side-By-Side

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Thank you for attending our previous outreach events!

May 12, 2020: the City of Citrus Heights hosted a virtual workshop, which was held as a Zoom webinar. The video recording and Q&A are available through the links above.

September 24, 2019: the City of Citrus Heights hosted an open house at Mesa Verde High School to gather community input on the Carriage Drive and Lauppe Lane Safe Schools Corridor Plan. Flyers in English, Spanish, and Russian.

November 13, 2019: the City of Citrus Heights held a pop-up event during school pick-up time at Mesa Verde to get additional input from parents, teachers, and students. Flyer - English     Flyer - Spanish

December 4 & 12, 2019: The City of Citrus Heights hosted a table at Sylvan Middle School at their Parent/Teacher Conference (12/4) and Steam Night (12/12) to collect feedback from parents, students, and school staff regarding their experiences on the project segment of Auburn Boulevard and parking lot traffic. Check out the following flyers for more information:   English and Spanish Version; English and Russian Version

The city is finalizing a plan to present to City Council, based on input received from the public and other entities. This will be the basis for finalizing a plan implementation strategy.


Project Status:

Next Steps in the project include:

  • Finalizing the plan to present to City Council for approval, based on input we received from the public and other entities
  • Finalizing the plan implementation strategy

This project began in March 2019, and alternative solution development is underway. The first open house was hosted September 24, 2019, followed by multiple outreach efforts at the nearby schools (see below for details). An online survey was available (closed on New Year’s 2020) to the public for those who did not have a chance to attend an event. On May 12, 2020 the city hosted a virtual workshop, held as a Zoom webinar. An online survey was available about the proposed improvements (closed on May 25, 2020). 

Check back for more information about the project!

Opportunities to Learn More about the Plan and to Provide Input 

There will be several upcoming opportunities to provide your observations, feedback, and other information on this project.  Please see the attached fliers for more information:




Project Description:

Over the past three years, the three schools located along the Carriage Drive/Lauppe Lane corridor have experienced a 25% enrollment increase and the large majority of students arrive to school in cars.  The increase in enrollment has contributed to already high peak vehicular, pedestrian, bicycle and parking demands, increased vehicular speeds, midblock and uncontrolled pedestrian crossings, and school ingress and egress concerns.

The project will evaluate the Carriage Drive and Lauppe Lane corridor and on-site school circulation to identify appropriate, cost-effective measures to mitigate deficiencies. The scope of this project includes community engagement to identify community based solutions and will tailor the ultimate design to the needs and desires of both the residential and school communities.  Once complete, the Plan will be used to seek final design and construction funding.


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