San Juan Complete Streets

Project Description

The San Juan Avenue Rehabilitation and Complete Streets Phase 1 Project is a federally funded grant project. Phase 1 is broken into two segments:  

  • Phase 1A: Design, environmental documentation, right-of-way acquisition and construction for San Juan Avenue from Madison Avenue to Chesline Drive.
  • Phase 1B: Design, environmental documentation and right-of-way acquisition for San Juan Avenue from Chesline Drive to Spicer Drive.  

The project includes, but is not limited to: 

  • Asphalt concrete overlay
  • Remove and replace deteriorated curb, gutter and sidewalk
  • Infill sidewalk on east side of San Juan Ave where none currently exist
  • Buffered class II bike lanes
  • ADA improvements
  • Streetlights at side street intersections and other key points 
  • Traffic signal upgrades 
  • Stormdrain infrastructure upgrades and expansion

Project Status

The City has contracted with consulting firm, Bennett Engineering Services, Inc. and is currently working on the design of the project. The City has started acquiring private property along San Juan Avenue needed to improve and install sidewalks. We are also coordinating with utility companies as we anticipate construction to begin in early 2024.