Citrus Heights Urban Greening Strategy (CHUGS)

The Citrus Heights Urban Greening Strategy (CHUGS) is a City project to incorporate urban greening principles into the City’s regulations and how the City conducts business. The development of CHUGS is funded by an Urban Greening Planning Grant from the California Strategic Growth Council.
In 2013 the development of CHUGS commenced with the City’s first Urban Forest Inventory. City Staff performed a detailed inventory of all publicly owned trees. The City also evaluated the City’s Zoning Code for opportunities to incorporate Urban Greening Principles.

In 2015 the City developed and adopted CHUGS including the following deliverables:

 -          Development of a vision for Urban Greening in the City    
             of Citrus Heights

 -          Development of an Urban Forest Master Plan
 -          Development of a Zoning Code Update
 -          Development of a Water Efficient Landscape Ordinance
 -          Development of a Native/Drought Tolerant Landscape
             Guidelines and Policies

CHUGS Community Workshops
CHUGS included a variety of opportunities to provide feedback and to create a vision for urban greening in the City.

June 23, 2015 Community Workshop
A second Community Workshop was held June 23rd 2015. This workshop included the Draft recommendations for incorporating Urban Greening Principles into the City's regulations. 

Workshop Presentation
March 31st Workshop Materials
On March 31, 2015 the City hosted a community workshop to present information about the City's existing urban forest and to solicit feedback about the future of the urban forest in Citrus Heights.
Workshop Presentation

    Urban Forest Fact Sheet
CHUGS Documents

The Citrus Heights Urban Greening Strategy (CHUGS) included the development of several interrelated documents to increase urban greening opportunities in Citrus Heights adopted by the City Council on November 12, 2015:
 Urban Forest Master Plan
 Landscape Guidelines
 Urban Forest Resource Analysis

 Urban Tree Canopy Assessment

Urban Forest Canopy Report by Neighborhood

Zoning Code/Water Efficient Landscape Ordinance Changes