Public Outreach

Trail Advisory Group

The city wanted to hear from the community throughout the process. A Trail Advisory Group (TAG) was developed including stakeholder representatives community-wide. The TAG held regular meetings to discuss and provide informed feedback to the background analysis, the feasibility analysis, and other relevant aspects of the project.

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The TAG was responsible for providing informed input throughout the feasibility study. TAG representatives assisted the project team in evaluating the trail alignments to meet the project objectives and create a trail system that fits within the context of the neighborhoods. For TAG meeting summaries, visit the documents page.

Community Workshops

The city hosted community workshops, the first one on May 14, 2013, followed by a an additional workshop on January 14, 2014. These workshops provided an opportunity for local residents to learn about the project and provide input into the trail options. A copy of the meeting summaries can be viewed here.

Online Survey

In addition to the community workshops, the city hosted an online survey that provided an opportunity for the public to share their thoughts and ideas regarding the community trail. Results of the online survey can be found under the documents section.

Refer to the meetings and workshops resource to learn more about the extensive public outreach component of this project.