Creek Corridor Trail Project

More than 20 miles of creeks are spread across the City of Citrus Heights, including Arcade, Brooktree, Cripple, Coyle, Mariposa, and San Juan Creeks. These creek corridors are generally adjacent to residential neighborhoods and commercial centers and offer residents neighborhood connections and access to these wonderful natural amenities. Although many of these creek corridors have informal trail networks, very few are paved trails that provide access for all abilities.

Bikeway Master Plan

Shortly after the city's incorporation, staff initiated the development of the city's first Bikeway Master Plan (PDF). The original plan development included various on-street (class II and III) bike facilities as well as class I bike paths along 3 short stretches of creek corridors. The creek corridors have been considered as potential trail corridors for several years. Until the 2013 Creek Corridor Trail Project, no feasibility studies or preliminary engineering have been completed.

Project Analysis

In August 2011, the city adopted an updated General Plan and Environmental Impact Report that addressed sustainability topics such as climate change, water quality, mobility and complete streets. A number of goals were identified, including "establish a system of creek side trails, passive open space and parks for public use." The Creek Corridor Trail Project will play a major role in the ultimate location of future multi-use trails within the creek and SMUD utility corridors. The analysis will include alignment options for each feasible segment of trail within the creek corridor.

Improved Connections

The city intends to use the Creek Corridor Trail Project to define and incorporate feasible trail segments into future policy documents, including the General Plan, Pedestrian Master Plan, Bikeway Master Plan, Safe Routes to School Master Plan, and ADA Master Plan. The city hopes to ultimately:

  • Provide improved connections to key destinations for pedestrians and cyclists (schools, shopping, neighborhoods, parks and other trail networks)
  • Improve access to the creek corridors for all residents
  • Increase the number of recreational facilities to more neighborhoods
  • Improve transportation choices within the city


In order to assess the feasibility of creekside trails the city determined that a comprehensive approach to evaluating potential trail locations was needed and a Feasibility Study was completed. The City Council accepted the Feasibility Report (PDF) on March 27, 2014. The City Council directed the city to incorporate priority 1 identified trails into the city's General Plan and Bike Master Plan.