Code Compliance & Violations

City ordinances and state statutes require building permits. If you do not get a building permit when it is required, the city can legally fine you for the violation for every day the work is not in compliance.

Impact of Illegal Activity

Home Insurance Eligibility & Future Sale

The permit and accompanying inspections are to ensure you that the work is up to code and safe. Projects not done according to code can affect your home's insurance eligibility and potential future sale.

Statute of Limitations & Change of Ownership

Work that was done without obtaining required permits is a violation of the State Building Code and is considered illegally constructed work. There are no statutes of limitation on illegal construction. If any illegal work has been done, whether in the past or prior to ownership, does not make the non-permitted work legal.

Legalize Your Work

In order to legalize the work, you must comply to the current codes regardless when the construction was done. You may contact the Building and Safety Division at 916-727-4760 for further information.