Professional Standards and Training 

The Professional Standards and Training (PST) Unit is at the center of the department. Serving in the Office of the Chief, the unit works to create a fresh, robust, and innovative training program as well as hiring only top law enforcement professionals with exemplary character.


The Citrus Heights Police Department continually strives to maintain the highest standards within our Police and Professional Staff, as well as our Explorers and Volunteers. This begins with strict hiring standards, and continues with ensuring all personnel understand and adhere by department policies and procedures, and offering a premier and innovative training program.


The PST Unit leads the recruitment and hiring of top police and professional personnel. Hiring standards follow the requirements of California Peace Officers Standards and Training (POST). Job openings, job descriptions, and benefit packages are regularly posted at web site. Early alerts to openings are also posted on the department's Facebook and Twitter pages. The Department looks at hiring in a unique way by mutually ensuring we are hiring the right candidate for our needs as well as being the right agency for that candidate's future in the law enforcement field. This employee-centered approach is representative of how and why our agency continues to thrive.


As a California Peace Officers Standards and Training (POST) certified agency, the PST Unit maintains compliance with the regulations set forth by POST by coordinating and implementing training activities. Patrol work schedules are tailored around the monthly training days which boast a variety of topics from perishable skills to real-life scenario-based training with real role players from our community.

From hiring to training to maintaining the exceptional standards of the Citrus Heights Police Department, the Professional Standards and Training Unit believes that being a part of the premier CHPD family is all about character.

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