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Posted on: June 30, 2022

Mandatory Organics Recycling Begins July 4, 2022

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Beginning July 4, 2022, residents’ green waste carts typically used for yard clippings are green organic carts! This cart will now be collected weekly by Republic Services to be processed and composted in compliance with Senate Bill 1383 as part of an effort to reduce methane gas emissions produced from organic waste decomposition in landfills. California landfills are responsible for the third-largest source of methane. Organic waste prevention, edible food rescue and composting all help reduce methane emissions from California’s landfills. 

Organic waste now includes:

  • Food waste like kitchen scraps.
  • Green waste like landscape clippings and pruning, flowers, and leaves. 
  • Food-soiled paper items such as pizza boxes, used paper plates, and coffee filters. 

A complimentary countertop food waste kitchen pail will be delivered to residential customers to transport food waste to the organic waste cart. The City’s goal with the implementation of this state-wide mandate is to educate and promote compliance with this state wide law rather than penalize. All California residents are required to comply with SB 1383 requirements and contamination charges are possible starting in January 2023. After a six-month grace period that will include direct education efforts and multiple warnings, a contamination surcharge may apply if prohibited materials continue to be placed in collection carts.  

Residents who compost are encouraged to continue to do so! This program is intended to capture only the food waste and food soiled paper that would otherwise go to the landfill. For those who home-compost, this would mean you would now utilize the green organic cart, rather than the garbage bin for food waste and food soiled paper NOT suitable for home composting. 

As a result of the program, rate increases will begin July 1, 2022. Rates are determined by the size of the garbage cart. Currently the rate for a 32 gallon cart is $21.27/month, 64 gallon cart is $23.61/month and a 96 gallon cart is $29.37/month. As of July a 32 gallon cart will be $26.81/month, 64 gallon will be $29.80/month and a 96 gallon cart will be $37.15/month. 

Beginning July 4, if customers choose to have extra green organic carts, the customer will be charged an additional $14/month fee per additional cart. Residents who do not have a green cart now will have one delivered during the first few weeks of July. For residents living in high density condominium, cluster homes, or townhouse communities there may be some customized collection services arranged through homeowner associations. We encourage residents to call their HOA or the City at 916-727-4770 with questions.

Our webpage is regularly updated with the latest information on this program. Residents will also be receiving information by direct mail, door hanger and with their kitchen pails in late June and throughout the month of July. Outreach and education will continue via social media and anywhere else we can help educate and inform our residents. 

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