Interstate 80 Pedestrian/Bicycle Overcrossing Feasibility Study

Person riding a bike over a bridge

The City of Citrus Heights received a grant to fund a feasibility study for improving pedestrian and bicycle access over Interstate 80 (I-80). The study, which began in 2015, relied on public participation and input to determine the most logical and desirable location for enhanced pedestrian access. The City held two community meetings and solicited feedback via an online questionnaire. In November 2016, staff and the City's consultant, Dokken Engineering, presented findings to the City Council with recommendations of focusing on enhancing the existing Antelope Road over crossing for pedestrian, bicycle and traffic safety improvements. The next step of this project will be to expand upon the feasibility study with a more in depth analysis, assessing traffic data, safety needs, the condition of the existing infrastructure, and determining right of way. Because all work done along, within or effecting the state highway system requires review and approval by Cal Trans, this step is necessary in obtaining the states approval in order for the City to apply for grant funding to design and construct the project.

For questions or concerns, please contact the General Services Department at (916) 727-4770.

Study and Survey Information