In order to expedite the process for obtaining Red Light Camera documents, the Citrus Heights Police Department (CHPD) has posted the most commonly requested records for your convenience at no charge. If the documents you need are not on our website, you may make a request by filling out a Public Records Act Request form which can be found on the website or obtained at the police department front counter. Please note there is a duplication fee of $0.10 per page for all documents requested under the Public Records Act Request (refer to the City's Master Fee Schedule to obtain more information on fees). If any research and/or compilation of data is requested, the City will charge for the time to construct the record, including the cost of programming and computer services necessary to compile the information (Govt. Code 6253.9). The City charges $30.00 an hour for this service, as noted in the City's Master Fee Schedule.

The following documents are available for download: 

§ Locations and State Dates of CH Photo Enforcement (PDF)

§ City Council Resolution (PDF)

§ Department Policy for Red Light Photo Enforcement (PDF)

§ Media Releases (PDF)

§ Public Notice in Sacramento Bee Regarding Thirty Day Grace Period Starting on July 28, 2017 (PDF)

§ Red Light Program Contract (12/2007) (PDF) 

§ Red Light Program Contract Amendment (2016) (PDF)

§ Red Light Public Notice for Antelope and Auburn (PDF)

§ Red Light Public Notice for Antelope and Garden Gate (PDF)

§ Red Light Public Notice for Greenback and San Juan and Greenback and Fountain Square (PDF)

§ Red Light Public Notice for Sunrise and Oak (PDF)

§ Statement of Technology (PDF)

§ Thirty Day Grace Period Begins on July 28, 2017 (PDF)

§ Warning Notice Tear Sheet (PDF)

§ Yellow Change Intervals (PDF)

If you are not able to access these documents by the website or you wish to have the CHPD produce these documents, there will be a $0.10 per page fee for duplication.

If you have any questions, please call our Records Unit at (916) 727-5500 option 2.