Building Permit Fees

Permit Fees

Building permit fees provide for checking of plans and adequate field inspections of construction projects. Some permit fees are flat rate such as electrical, mechanical, plumbing, and roofing.  Other projects, such as new construction or remodels, the building permit fee must be calculated.  

Fee Schedule

The attached fee schedule includes the flat rate fee based upon project type and the structure for valuation based fees.  If your project's permit fee is based upon valuation, you will provide a valuation that includes all materials and labor required to complete the project. Additionally, the valuation shall be based on a nationally recognized standard for the specific type of construction proposed.   Project valuations provided will be subject to approval by the Building Official.  

For clarity, the fee schedule also lists a General Plan Update Fee of 6% that is added to each valuation based permit fee and the Technology Fee of 4% which is added to both the flat rate and valuation permit fees.

Other Fees

Information provided here pertains only to the fees collected by the Building Division.  Some projects require the payment of other development fees.  Refer to the Development Impact Fee webpage for more information.

Building Permit Fee Estimate

You may contact the Building and Safety Division or (916) 727-4760  for an estimated fee quote on your project. To receive an estimated fee quote, you must provide:

  • Amount of square footage proposed
  • Estimated job cost (including labor and materials)
  • The project type (i.e. residential, commercial)

Fee Payment

The plan check fee is due at the time the plans are submitted for review and the building permit fees are due upon the issuance of the building permit.  Payment of fees may be made on-line through the permit portal using a credit card.  If paying by check, cash or debit card, payments can be made in-person by visiting City Hall during normal business hours.  For more information contact the Building Division at (916) 727-4760.