Sunrise Pointe Apartments


In January 2019, the City Council approved the city's first affordable housing project in 20 years. Sunrise Pointe, a 47-unit affordable multi-family housing complex. The project is a collaboration between Jamboree Housing, a non-profit housing developer and TLCS have partnered to provide permanent stable housing for households in need. The project is a 100% affordable project, meaning all rented units will be for income qualified persons.

Sunrise Pointe will provide a variety of on-site services for its residents in partnership with TLCS. TLCS will provide on-site Residential Service Coordinators who will work with residents in accessing a variety of community services including job training, budgeting, and other services. Sunrise Pointe will also have an on-site live-in property manager who will oversee the property and ensures the residents are complying with all occupancy rules.  

Where is Sunrise Pointe Located?

The project is located at 7424 Sunrise Boulevard, north of Oak Avenue.

What Sunrise Pointe Is and Is Not?

  • It is an affordable, permanent stable housing development for households.
  • It is NOT a homeless shelter.
  • It is NOT a medical facility or hospital.

What does "Affordable" mean?

An project is considered "affordable" if rent and utilities do not exceed 30% of the monthly household income. Residents must income qualify with a household income that is less than the 60% or less of AMI (average median income).  Qualified developers of affordable projects are able to obtain access to a variety of Federal and State funding sources including the No Place Like Home (NPLH) Program, enacted in 2016 through Assembly Bills 1618 and 1628 and approved by voters on Nov. 6, 2018. Developers of affordable projects must agree to continually provide the units as affordable for 55 years.  

How do I apply to live at Sunrise Pointe?

Construction is currently underway and expected to be completed June 2023. For more information on Sunrise Pointe Apartments, you may contact The John Stewart Company at 916-561-0323. 

If you are currently in need of housing, contact 2-1-1. In addition, you may contact Sacramento Housing and Redevelopment Agency at 916-440-1390 or