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  1. Type of Pet
  2. What "other" type of pet have you FOUND
  3. Please upload a photo of the FOUND pet
  5. Permission to Release Contact Information*
    Do you give the City of Citrus Heights permission to use and/ or release this information if we are able to match a LOST report with a FOUND report?
  7. If breed unknown, please enter size and hair length/ type
  8. Gender*
    Check all that apply
  9. Describe any identifying markings
  10. Other information*
    (check all that apply)
  11. Microchip Scanning
    If you are able to, please take this pet to a local vet to have it scanned for a microchip. Most Vets will provide this service free of charge AND contact the microchip company to notify the owners that their animal has been FOUND.
  12. Describe collar color, material and pattern
  13. Describe "other identification" found on the animal
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