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1. Where can I get a typing certificate?
2. What is a "claim"?
3. What happens to a claim after it is filed?
4. How many parks are there in Citrus Heights?
5. Where is Rusch Park located? How can I contact the Sunrise Recreation and Park District?
6. Is there a skate park located in Citrus Heights?
7. Which school district serves Citrus Heights and how can I learn more about the schools in Citrus Heights?
8. How can I get a job with the city?
9. Where does the city advertise available positions?
10. What type of benefits does the city provide employees?
11. May I keep my resume on file with the city?
12. How long is the probationary period?
13. Is the city's claim process the same as small claims court?
14. Are there any volunteer opportunities at the City of Citrus Heights?
15. How do I file a claim for monetary damages against the city?
16. How do I file a claim for damages or lost property against the Police Department?
17. Does the city have job descriptions online?