Housing Stock Fee

The Rental Housing Stock Conservation Fee (HSCF) was approved in 1993. Effective 1/1/2011, the fee is now $12.00 per rental unit for each year. Fees collected are used to pay the city's Housing Code Enforcement Program. This State mandated program has the responsibility for responding to health and safety complaints concerning residential properties in the City of Citrus Heights.

Who pays the housing fee?
All recorded owners of a property that is not occupied by the property owner, are to pay an annual fee in the amount of $12.00 per rental unit.
What services does this fee pay for?
State Law requires the city to maintain certain health and safety standards in housing property. Fees collected are used to fund the program that responds to violations of these standards.
What is a rental property?
A rental property is any type of home or dwelling unit that is not occupied by the owner of record.
What if I just bought or sold this rental property?
The bill is the responsibility of the owner of record as of January 1, of each year.
What if I don't collect rent for this property?
Rental properties are defined as "residential property in which the owner does not reside." This means a house could be occupied by an owner's relative or friend who is paying less than market value; providing house-sitting services; paying utilities only or no rent at all and still be considered a rental.
Is this amount due upon billing?
The ordinance states the HSCF fee shall be due on January 1, of each year. However, there is a delinquent date indicated on the bill that represents the last possible day that payment can be received without incurring a late charge.
What happens if my payment is late?
Charges unpaid at the due date become delinquent, and shall incur a penalty charge of 25%. Any unpaid amounts may be transferred to the Department of Revenue Recovery for other collection efforts.
Will the amount due change each year?
Because the fee is for the purpose of covering costs for the State mandated housing program, the fee can be adjusted each year by resolution of the City Council, after a duly noticed public hearing.
What if the wrong number of rental units are being billed?
Apartments or properties such as duplexes that have multiple units, may have one or more units that are owner occupied. If you are being billed for the wrong number of rental units, please contact the city at (916) 725-2448.