Multi Modal Transportation Safety Program (MMTSP)

Program Description & History:

City Council adopted the Multi Modal Transportation Safety Program (MMTSP) at the December 10, 2020 Council Meeting. The Adopted Program Guide can be viewed here.

The General Services Department (GSD) regularly receives requests for new signs, striping,
crosswalks, speed humps, traffic calming, and traffic enforcement. The MMTSP replaced the 2001 Neighborhood Traffic Management Program (NTMP) accompanied by a tool to prioritize requests and ensure the items and locations most important to the community are evaluated and prioritized for implementation.

The majority of these requests are in response to resident concerns of vehicle speeds and right-of-way violations on residential roadways. MMTSP has developed guidelines and procedures to initiate and evaluate requests.  In addition, the MMTSP:

  • Identifies collision patterns, trends and “hot spots” 
  • Develops prioritization methodology and tool 
  • Conducts significant community engagement
  • Evaluates and prioritizes past resident concerns 
  • Researches methods and potential funding sources for implementation

Overview of the Program:

The City of Citrus Heights is working to make roads in our community safer for everyone who uses them, with the goal of making sure our neighborhoods are safe places to walk, drive, bike and roll. The MMTSP guides the way the city addresses traffic and safety concerns raised by residents. This program includes:

  • A clear and transparent process for addressing complaints, identifying the best way to fix the issue, and outlining when and how changes will be made 
  • A catalog of safety measures to address specific types of problems including guidelines for how to best apply different safety measures 
  • A process to prioritize citizen requests to address speeding, cut-through traffic, and other safety issues in their neighborhoods
  • An interactive process that allows the city to quickly respond to citizen requests and track the status of requests on a quarterly basis
  • Provides Citrus Heights residents with tools to promote safety in their neighborhoods


For questions about the program, please contact the General Services Department at 916-727-4770.