Vacancies on Boards & Commissions

When a vacancy occurs on a board or commission where the Citrus Heights City Council appoints members, the information is posted on this vacancy list within 20 days of the occurrence.  Sign up for the City's Notify Me service to receive emails when vacancies occur.

How the City Council's Appointment Process Works

1. Application. Interested Citrus Heights residents apply to be considered using a standard application.  When there is a vacancy, all applications on file for that board or commission are forwarded to the City Council.

2. Video Interview. The application process includes a video interview.  The City Clerk will notify all applicants of the time and place of the video interview, and the amount of time allowed for the interview. The video interviews will be made available to the City Council prior to the time that appointments will be made.

3. Appointments. At a City Council meeting, the Council makes formal appointments.  Those appointed will receive a follow up letter with results and additional information.  For those not selected, applications will remain active for future vacancies, for two years from the application date.

Every newly appointed committee or board member is required to complete the AB 1234 Ethics training required by California Government Code 53234 within the first year of appointment and every two years thereafter.  Noncompliance will result in automatic removal as detailed in the City Council Handbook (adopted April 2007).

For more information on the board and commission application and appointment process please contact the City Clerk's office 916-725-2448 or email the City Clerk.