Top 20 Lists

Over the last few months, the City has received submissions from your (our citizens), businesses, and community members on the community's Top 20 lists.  The Top 20 lists are part of the City's 20th anniversary celebration, highlighting different aspects of our great city.  Throughout 2017, the City will be announcing a new Top 20 list each month; three of the lists will be generated via social media.  We encourage the community to submit their photo or idea digitally using #chturns20. Tweet submissions @CityofCHeights.
January City Awards & Accomplishments
February Things We Love about Citrus Heights (social media submission)
March Neighborhood Projects
April Community Leaders
May Oldest Businesses
June Natural Scenic Spots to Enjoy (social media submission)
July Best Events
August Longest Residents of Citrus Heights
September Facts about Citrus Heights
October Best Photos (social media submission)
November City Landmarks
December Service Organizations

Top 20 Facts About Citrus Heights

1. At incorporation, Citrus Heights was the first city to incorporate in the state since 1963.

2. In 1910, a real estate developer changed the name from “Sylvan” to “Citrus Heights.” Before Sylvan the area was called “Center Township.”

3. Ladies Auxiliary was formed in 1942; one of the earliest all female volunteer firefighting organizations in the United States.

4. The City is 14 square miles.

5. Sylvan Cemetery’s first grave marker was John Horton, whose death made the cemetery necessary. Horton was a laborer at the J.F. Cross Farm.

6. Birdcage Center use to have birds in cages.

7. First Postmaster was a woman, Mrs. Marjorie Woods. Post office opened in 1947 inside Woods Variety Store on Mariposa.

8. Rabbits around the library were set free 30 years ago by a teacher from a local 4th grade class.

9. Do not receive property tax until 2022 per the terms of the City’s incorporation.

10. 14 Mile House was constructed in 1849, during the Gold Rush and before statehood in 1850.

11. 26 miles of creeks.

12. San Juan High School was the first high school in North Sacramento County (1913)

13. 57,085 building permits have been issued since the city incorporated.

14. Crime has gone down 30% since inception of the Citrus Heights Police Department in 2006.

15. Approximately 310 acres of parks and open space – that’s almost half a mile!

16. 2,814 active business licenses in the City, including home-based businesses.

17. First city to win the James Q Wilson Award for Community Policing two years in a row.

18. Antelope Road is Exit 100 off Interstate 80.

19. Sunrise Mall was the largest mall in the region when it opened in 1972.

20. Sylvan Corners used to be a vineyard.