Top 20 Lists

Over the last few months, the City has received submissions from your (our citizens), businesses, and community members on the community's Top 20 lists.  The Top 20 lists are part of the City's 20th anniversary celebration, highlighting different aspects of our great city.  Throughout 2017, the City will be announcing a new Top 20 list each month; three of the lists will be generated via social media.  We encourage the community to submit their photo or idea digitally using #chturns20. Tweet submissions @CityofCHeights.
January City Awards & Accomplishments
February Things We Love about Citrus Heights (social media submission)
March Neighborhood Projects
April Community Leaders
May Oldest Businesses
June Natural Scenic Spots to Enjoy (social media submission)
July Best Events
August Longest Residents of Citrus Heights
September Facts about Citrus Heights
October Best Photos (social media submission)
November City Landmarks
December Service Organizations


Top 20 List for May:
  1. Harris Industrial Gasses (1936)
  2. Hall's Furniture & Appliances (1946)
  3. Walt's Auto Service (1954)
  4. ABA DABA Rents (1957)
  5. Lodge Coffee Shop (1958)
  6. Fireside Lanes (1959)
  7. Grand Oaks Beauty Salon (1960)
  8. Citrus Heights Mower (1965)
  9. Kniesel's Auto Service Center (1965)
  10. Ranch Motel (1967)
  11. Dr. Texas Smith Optometry (1970)
  12. Sunrise Mall (1970)
  13. Sunrise Rollerland (1973)
  14. The Pumpkin Farm (1974)
  15. Coco's Bakery (1975)
  16. MarketPlace at Birdcage (1976)
  17. All Star Printing (1977)
  18. Rocky's 7440 Club (1977)
  19. Great Clips (1980)
  20. Felipe's Mexican Restaurant (1983)