Shopping Cart Removal

Did you know that it is illegal to remove a shopping cart from the property of its owner? Help us stamp out shopping cart blight!

Costly Hazards

Shopping carts should not be removed from store parking lots. In addition to being a costly item for stores to replace, carts left on the parkway, sidewalk or street can be a potential hazard for pedestrians and drivers, and are a blight to the community. Persons removing shopping carts from private property can be issued a criminal citation if caught in the possession of a cart.

Reporting Shopping Carts

Citrus Heights is committed to keeping city streets and sidewalks clean and works with businesses to return shopping carts to their owners as soon as possible. Abandoned or stolen shopping carts may be reported to the City at 916-727-4770, or can be reported using our service request form below.

Use our service request form to report a problem or concern on-line.

Call us directly at 916-727-4770, or email us.