Lost & Found Pets

Think LOST not Stray or Dumped

Most dogs and cats have owners.  It is against the law to give away or sell a found animal without first attempting to reunite the animal with its owner for a full 30 days.  

If you have found an animal and can not hold it for 30 days, you are required by law to contact your local Animal Control Agency or take it to the proper shelter

*** For dogs found in Citrus Heights call 916.725.7387 to request a pick up, or take to the Placer County Animal Shelter located at 11232 B Avenue Auburn, CA 95603***

PEN 491 Defines dogs as personal property

PEN 485: Appropriation of Property - Finder must make reasonable efforts to find the owner or are guilty of theft. 

If the animal is valued at over $950 it is grand theft and could be a felony. (PEN 487)

LOST Your Pet?

  1. File a LOST Pet Report
  2. Notify your microchip company
  3. Make Flyers (PDF) with your pet's picture - post them in your neighborhood and at local veterinary offices
  4. File Lost Pet Reports with any nearby shelters or agencies
  5. Cover the neighborhood - talk to your neighbors, call for your pet near your home, place a sign in your front yard
  6. Leave bedding, a litter box or something that smells like home on the front porch temporarily
  7. Check the shelters - in person and OFTEN.
  8. Post to Social Media sites like Facebook, Nextdoor and Craigslist

FOUND a Pet?

  1. File a Found Pet Report
  2. Have the Pet scanned for a microchip at a local veterinarian office- free of charge!
  3. Post Flyers in your neighborhood
  4. Check to see if a nearby vet recognizes the pet or will allow you to post a flyer in the waiting room.
  5. Post to Social Media sites like Facebook, Nextdoor and Craigslist.
  6. If you are unable to provide care for the pet while its owner is found you MUST take it to the shelter that services the area where it was found!  Or call the local animal control agency and request a pickup.

*****For pets found within the Citrus Heights City limits, you can call 916.725.7387 to request a pickup


  1. DOGS
  2. CATS

Lost & Found Reporting

Make sure to have the following information ready:

  1. Your Name
  2. Your Phone Number
  3. Your address and major cross streets
  4. A Description of the animal - breed, size, color, markings and whether they were wearing a collar or are microchipped