ARPA Small Business COVID-19 Recovery Grant Program

City of Citrus Heights ARPA Small Business COVID-19 Recovery Grant Program Guidelines

The City of Citrus Heights has launched a Small Business COVID-19 Recovery Grant Program, funded by the federal American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA). Click here to learn more about the City's ARPA funding, and scroll down or use the buttons below to learn more about the Small Business COVID-19 Recovery Grant Program.

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Click here to download a PDF of the PowerPoint slides used in the webinar


To further support businesses in Citrus Heights experiencing negative financial impacts of COVID-19, the City of Citrus Heights has created the “ARPA COVID-19 Small Business Recovery Grant Program” (hereafter, the “Program”). The Program provides grant funding to assist businesses with absorbing costs associated with the financial impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic and to support business recovery. The total amount of grant funds available is $320,000.


The Program provides grants up to $15,000 to certain eligible businesses. There is a limited allocation of funds available for the Program; therefore, depending on the number of businesses that apply, it is possible that not all eligible businesses can be assisted. Applying is not a guarantee of funding.  Selection of applicants for grant receipt shall be based upon the recommendations of the Program Administrators. If the program as outlined below is oversubscribed, a discretionary review process may be used. The allocation, amount, business eligibility and making of grants will be solely within the City Manager’s discretion. 


The City's application period for the Citrus Heights Small Business COVID-19 Recovery Grant program is now open for applications, through March 26, 2022. Per City Council-approved guidelines the City's program will be open for applicants for 30 days, from February 24 through March 26, 2022. Click here to apply online, or click here to download and print an application to mail or deliver to the City at Attention: Finance Manager, 6360 Fountain Square Drive, Citrus Heights, CA 95621. 



The City of Citrus Heights has partnered with the MetroBusiness Center (Sacramento Metro Chamber) to provide support and answer questions related to applying for the City's ARPA COVID-19 Small Business Recovery Grant Program. Please note that the City's application period will be live through March 26. If you have questions about the grant application, please contact:

MetroBusiness Center

Phone: 916-319-4268


Small Business COVID-19 Recovery Grant Application

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Outlined below are the grant categories and eligibility criteria for a business to receive a grant. Eligibility exceptions may be considered by the City Manager. 


Small Business Eligibility: 

  • Commercial business located and licensed in Citrus Heights, since at least 2019
  • Business was operational as of March 1, 2020, and is still in business at the time of application submittal, and intends to remain open indefinitely 
  • Open to all industries, available to franchises and affiliate businesses
  • Business entity earned $3 million annual revenue or less in calendar year 2019
  • Business experienced a net revenue loss (gross revenue net of operating expenses) of at least 25% for the calendar year 2020 OR calendar year 2021 compared to the calendar year 2019. 
  • A business cannot receive more in ARPA grant funding than total revenue loss
  • Business employed 20 full-time equivalent (FTE) employees or less, as of March 1, 2020.  
  • For businesses with multiple locations, only employment and revenue figures for the Citrus Heights location(s) can be used to qualify for a grant under the Program, and all grant funds received must be used only to support Citrus Heights business operations. Multiple locations within Citrus Heights operating under a single business entity will be considered one business for purposes of the Program. 
  • Passive businesses are not eligible. These include rental properties or any business in which the owner does not actively participate.
  • This program does not include non-profits at this time.



Grant amounts to eligible businesses will be a flat amount determined by the 2019 Annual Gross Revenue for each small business applicant as indicated in the table below:

2019 Annual Gross Revenue Brackets

Grant Amount

$1,000 - $100,000


$100,000 - $1,000,000


$1,000,000 - $3,000,000




Grant funds can be used to offset or reimburse the business for operational costs or revenue loss caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, to support:  

  •     General business operations
  •     Payroll expenses
  •     Supplier payments 
  •     Rent, lease, or mortgage payments for business real or personal property
  •     Façade improvements to resolve COVID related blight 
  •     Outdoor improvements
  •     Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and/or sanitation supplies and equipment 
  •     Costs of compliance with county, state, or federal requirements or recommendations 
  •     Technical assistance, counseling, or other services to assist with business planning needs

Ineligible use of grant funds are as follows:

  •     Anything outside the scope relating to COVID-mitigation
  •     Any expense not applicable through ARPA
  •     To fund any business other than that which is receiving the grant 


Applications are open from February 24, 2022 at 9:00 a.m. through March 26, 2022 at 5:00 p.m. (30 days). Applications may be submitted electronically, through the City's online form available here: City will also accept written applications mailed or dropped off to the attention of the City of Citrus Heights Accounting Manager at 6360 Fountain Square Drive, Citrus Heights, CA 95621.The City will not accept applications after the application period closes. Please click here to download a fillable, printable version of the application


The application process will include:

  • Business submits application with required documents: Business License Certificate, 2019 and 2020 OR 2021 Filed Business Tax Returns, and W9 
  • City reviews application and supporting materials 
  • City determination of business eligibility and grant amount 
  •  A discretionary administrative level review process by may be used if the program is oversubscribed 
  • Initial application period will be 30 calendar days; subsequent rounds may be initiated if funds are not exhausted during initial round 
  • The City Manager or his/her designee will make all final decisions on Program eligibility and adherence and any related interpretations necessary to make a grant decision. 


Unless otherwise exempt under applicable law, applications and application materials are public records. All information received from an applicant, whether received in connection with a grant application or in connection with any grant-funded activities performed, are subject to disclosure pursuant to the California Public Records Act, unless otherwise exempt. Examples of potential exemption include social security numbers, tax identification numbers, or other security related information. 



All businesses offered a grant who choose to accept the grant will be required to sign a non-negotiable affidavit, waiver, and release form prior to payment being made. The affidavit will require the applicant to declare that all information contained in the application is true and correct and can be used as admissible evidence in any legal proceeding against the company if the City attempted to recoup any grant funds provided under false pretenses. 



Grant payments will be made by check in the business’ name. The City anticipates that qualified, selected small businesses will be issued payments by the end of April 2022.