Standard Construction Specifications

The City of Citrus Heights requires all design plans and construction projects meet the City’s standards for the construction of capital improvement projects. The Standard Construction Specifications are effective for current contracts approved for advertisement for bids. Drawing details are provided below. 


Index of Drawings


CD-01A  Street Name Sign Detail

CD-01B  Street Name Sign Location and Installation Detail

CD-01C  Street Name Sign Luminaire Pole or Signal Mounting

CD-02  Typical Overlay Section 

CD-03  Overlay Conform at Transverse Joint 

CD-04  Wedge Grind Transition at Lip of Gutter 

CD-05  Wedge Grind Limits at Cross Streets 

CD-06  Standard Crosswalk Markings - Coming Soon 

CD-07  Standard “STOP” Pavement Markings 

CD-08  School and Pedestrian Markings - Coming Soon

CD-09  Typical Fire Hydrant Location Pavement Markers 

CD-10  Median Nose Delineation Detail 

CD-11A  Sidewalk Accessibility Extension - Option 1 

CD-11B  Sidewalk Accessibility Extension - Option 2

CD-12  Modified Driveway (Curb, Gutter, and Sidewalk) 

CD-13A  Type 1 Curb Ramp Detail - Deleted

CD-13B  Type 1 Curb Ramp Cross Section Detail - Deleted

CD-14  Type 2 Curb Ramp Detail - Deleted

CD-15  Type 3 Curb Ramp Detail - Deleted

CD-16  Curb Ramp Placement Detail  - Deleted

CD-17  Curb Ramp Paving Detail - Deleted

CD-18  Trench Details 

CD-19A  Speed Table Detail A 

CD-19B  Speed Table Detail B

CD-20  Mast Arm Street Name Sign Detail

CD-21  Street Light Numbering Detail - Coming Soon

CD-22  Sight Distance/Visibility Standard Detail 

CD-23  Typical Vehicle Loop Detector Layout Detail - Deleted

CD-24  Blended Transition Detail


For questions about the construction standards, please contact the General Services Department at 916-727-4770.

Page last updated July 20, 2021.