Cockroach Control in Drainage Systems

The Sacramento region is experiencing a noticeable increase in cockroaches. Cockroaches are natural to most environments and seek out dark, damp environments like sewers and stormwater drains where they can feed on water resources and decaying organic matter. The City of Citrus Heights is working with the Sacramento Area Sewer District (SASD) and neighboring cities to address concerns of pest infestations.

The city of Citrus Heights maintains the stormwater drainage system that connects gutters and drain inlets to the creeks. Due to California environmental regulation, the storm drains are not treated with pesticides because these chemicals are harmful to beneficial insects and wildlife.


The Sacramento Area Sewer District maintains the sewer system that transports wastewater from homes to the water treatment plant. SASD is treating sewer pipes using techniques such as fogging and baiting, "manhole painting," and preventative maintenance. For questions related to cockroaches in sewers, please contact SASD at 916-875-6730.

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SASD Cockroach Infographic 1
SASD Cockroach Infographic 2
SASD Cockroach Infographic 4