Sylvan 40 Project

In September 2019,  the city purchased the property where the former Sylvan Middle School was located prior to its relocation in 2017. The city has long recognized this location as being an important economic and social focus of the community and its eventual development will have a crucial impact on the city.

The city purchased the 11.33 acre vacant parcel for its appraised value of $3.40 million dollars.  The city does not have any plans to retain ownership of the property – the intent is to work in partnership with a developer so we can maximize our influence on how the property is developed.  

In December 2019, the city initiated a contract with RSG, a market consulting firm, to assist in the marketing of the property.  

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Planning Goals

A key factor in helping guide the development of the Sylvan 40 property is having a framework in place which helps guide decisions.  Decisions made should support the city’s strategic, long-term goals.  

To help keep the city’s long-term vision in focus, a series of goal statements are being developed.  These goals will provide the public and the development community the visioning framework when considering development opportunities.  The goals should be clear in providing the city’s vision yet flexible enough to seek unique opportunities.  

We encourage the community to review the DRAFT PLANNING GOALS and provide feedback. We welcome your input

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the Sylvan 40 property?
    • The Sylvan 40 property is an 11.33 acre vacant parcel located at the northwest corner of Auburn Blvd, Old Auburn Rd and Sylvan Rd, locally known as “Sylvan Corners”.   The property was the location of the former Sylvan Middle School which relocated off the property in 2017. 
  • Why is the Sylvan 40 Project Important?
    • The Sylvan 40 property is located at an intersection the city has long-recognized as being an important economic and social focus of the community. The city has invested significantly in public improvements along Auburn Boulevard — this investment started with the “Sylvan Corners beautification project.”

The eventual development of this property will have a crucial impact on the area. The city’s purchase of the increases the city’s ability to control how the site will eventually develop.

  • What is the City’s vision for the property?
    • The city’s intention is not to retain ownership of the Sylvan 40 property but to resell it to private investors can carry out the city’s vision.

Taking a Look Ahead

Below is tentative timeline for the project:

  • January 2020
    Install boundary fence- completed
  • March 12, 2020
    City Council meeting to finalize Planning Goals and discuss next steps
  • April 2020
    Prepare and release documents seeking development offers
  • June 2020
    Review development submissions
  • July - August 2020
    Initiate development negotiations