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We want to hear from you! To continue to ensure responsive and accountable planning, the City is engaging the community around resident priorities. Our Feedback Form contains some of the priorities identified by your neighbors in a community survey conducted recently. You have a voice in Citrus Heights, and we want to hear it!

We will review all comments to ensure that the City continues to address the community’s priorities in its effort to deliver responsive services to you.

If your community organization would like a more in depth presentation, please contact: 

Your Opinion Counts

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the Join the Conversation effort?

A: Citrus Heights has a long tradition of self-reliance and local control with excellent quality of life services our residents expect and deserve. As a transparent and accountable City we want to gather as much community feedback as possible about your priorities for Citrus Heights – thank you for joining the conversation.

Q: State mandates and local control – What is the issue?

A: Underfunded state mandates and money grabs threaten Citrus Heights’ long-term financial stability.

  • Since 2005, unfunded mandates imposed on Citrus Heights have cost local taxpayers over $500,000
  • State laws continue to put more criminal offenders on our streets, increasing public safety costs

We have a history of being responsible with taxpayer dollars, including 18 years of balanced budgets. We want to hear from the community about their priorities for maintaining essential services the community values amid these state mandates and takeaways. We must maintain local control over local funds for OUR local needs. 

Q: What are residents’ priorities for essential services?

A: To date, residents have identified the following top priorities, including:

  • Continuing to keep local government transparent and accountable
  • Providing 911 emergency response services
  • Maintaining school safety and security
  • Preventing cuts to emergency response and police services
  • Reducing homelessness

Please join the conversation and tell us your priorities by filling out our brief feedback form today.

Q: Did you know?

A: Violent crime in Citrus Heights is down 10% thanks to our local police department and crime prevention and community police patrol programs and response times have decreased by four minutes.

Resident safety is always a top priority and we need to continue keeping our community safe by maintaining response times, neighborhood patrols and fighting gang and drug violence.

Q: What is the City doing to address homelessness? 

A: We are committed to reducing homelessness by addressing mental health, substance abuse, and job training while ensuring our neighborhoods, businesses, parks and public spaces stay safe and secure for everyone. 

  • Since 2017, the homeless population has been reduced by 76% thanks to the CHPD Homeless Navigator Program in partnership with local groups like Homeless Assistance Resource Team (HART).
  • Citrus Heights’ now makes up only 1% of the County’s homeless population, down from 8% two years ago.

Q: What about other essential services the City provides?

A: Streets: The City services 214 miles of streets and roads that need maintenance and pothole repair.

Economic Development: The City works to attract and retain local businesses, including nurturing local small businesses and working to revitalize and incentivize commercial areas like Auburn Boulevard and Sunrise Mall.

We must maintain public safety, economic development and local control to adequately address our community’s essential services and quality of life.

Q: How can you join the conversation? 

A: We are glad that residents are happy with the quality of life and city services in Citrus Heights. There is interest in addressing community priorities in a more significant manner that maintains local control and essential services. Please complete a community feedback form today to share your views and let us know what community priorities are important to you – thank you for you feedback!

Fill out our feedback form here.

Frequently Asked Questions (PDF)

If your community organization would like a more in depth presentation please contact